Fourth generation

Peter Veletzky 1960 Piano master-maker

Andrea Veletzky, wife 1962 - 2012 forwarding employees

I started my apprenticeship and journeyman-years under the guidance of my father and grandmother .

I had passed in the age of 22 years the master's examination – to this date the earliest opportunity. In the following years I was partly self-employed or employed in family business.

I have taken over as 4th generation the family-business Wendl & Lung and lead it alone till to 31.12.1999 as a registered retail company!

At the request of the owner of the company Piano Gallery, the first trip to China took place to make contacts with manufacturing companies, where I, as a piano master-maker acted of course as technical advisor.

Benefiting this was due to the fact that I was already in the years 1991 - 1994, still with my father, actuated direct imports from China. So I was following the instruments development and therefore the quality through visits to various music fairs and to observe features of the instruments to knew plenty of them!

With 1.1.2000 I went with a partial contribution of the retail company Wendl & Lung into the E. Bittner GmbH (later Wendl & Lung Ltd.).

2000 - 2003
During these years I undertook on behalf of the Ltd. with my partner several trips to China, to find a suitable factory for production. After some rather sobering cooperation in the Shanghai area, began....

the most exciting , interesting and instructive period in the history of my family , our brand and my life!

After following a tip at the Frankfurt Music-fair, I meet Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. with the best designed and executed plates and spare parts made in China I ever see, it was clear to me, that we need to visit this factory at the next China trip.

In the time of this visit, one of the most remarkable partnerships was created!
Hr. Chen Hailun decided to work together and evolved from spare parts -suppliers further to a producer of complete pianos.
So also for the Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments Co. Ltd. began an exciting time.
Within the last 10 years, the Ningbo Hailun factory reached a production of 0 - on this time 2014 planned – 50.000 instruments!

Till to this day, I visited the factory about 70 times, worked from the beginning to build up the production, performed the necessary technical controls, have advisory functions in negotiations and improvements with our supplier factories in China as well as in Europe or done with an interpreter itself and am commuting in China between Beijing, Yentai , Shanghai and Ningbo and in Europe mainly in German and Czech area. I also worked during this period on all music-fairs , held annually in Shanghai and Frankfurt.
For this purpose, I have also made the Chinese driver's license in order to move in China more independence between the individual locations.

During this time I also can make true the dream of my own design and was in a position to bring in successfully all my experience from my time in repair and restoration of famous European piano brands, for all other models which the factory produced. Combined with the most advanced machines in the Ningbo factory and the best Chinese piano makers, who I mostly knew in the past from other factories, arisen over short or long wonderful and sound full instruments with European standards.

The sale was conducted by the Wendl & Lung Ltd. with Wendl & Lung models in Europe and small selected markets around the world.

My work for the Wendl & Lung GmbH found for the family
and me, a not easily accepting abrupt end.
In March 2010, I left after sale my shares, the Ltd.

The Family and registered Trademark Wendl & Lung Vienna, remained in possession of the family , or in the hands of the 4th generation , Mr. Peter Veletzky !

From the side of Ningbo region, I received a number of awards and medals in recognition of good cooperation and friendship. Furthermore stood Wendl & Lung instruments in the Golden Hall of Vienna and also European Awards were awarded.

My work as a technical advisor and representative of the registered trademark Wendl & Lung
continues with further visits in Ningbo.
So I was at the groundbreaking ceremony for a new factory location of the Ningbo Piano Co. Ltd. invited and looking forward to the opening of the moderns piano production facilities in the world, with an area of about 65,000 square meters.

On this occasion, I give the trademark rights to the Ningbo Hailun Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. for the China area and support by our further cooperation and control of Wendl & Lung instruments the continuous production.

I myself, Mr. Peter Veletzky, open in Vienna Meidling, Theergasse 3-5/5/R02, a small but finely equipped workshop with a longtime colleague Mr. Jan Husiatynski and go with him back to our roots and make at this site repairs and restorations.

Also planned is to produce a small number of new instruments (mainly uprights) and distribute again Wendl & Lung instruments.

Between Mr. Veletzky and Ningbo Hailun Piano Co. Ltd. persists a business and friendly partnership, which back guarantees and allows the production and distribution of Wendl & Lung models in China , America, Canada , Japan, South Korea , Singapore, Malaysia , Indonesia, and as like in previous years in Iran.

May 19 2013 , on this day was the official opening of the new factory in Ningbo and it was a special honor to attend this occasion with about 400 dealers from Asia and various representatives of the Chinese Government and Ningbo city.

More tours in May, probably in the summer and during the fair in October,
will allow the development and control our Wendl & Lung instruments.