Our design and philosophy

Key-bed and keyboard frame: In uprights made of aluminum, in grand’s with the best woods layer glued flaps, result is stability and no changes in climatic fluctuations

Felts: Selected and tested for many years felts, which are used in the keyboards, as well as in the action´s, coming from the felt-company Wurzen in Germany, from Hainsworth in England, and selected products from Japan, provide a stable regulatory and precise variety, as they usually found only in the highest production classes.

Woods: the necessary, selected types of wood are carefully stored in specially designed drying rooms and thus prepared for their respective application. This arise climate stable soundboards and action / keyboard components

Keyboard: The keys are cut from specially selected and glued European solid wood boards (spruce), this yields traditional, robust keys

Mechanics: High quality regularly tested components, precise assembling, as well as continuous load of each action / keyboard of our upright and grand pianos by mechanical play machine in front to the last settings, result in long-lasting action´s with perfect adjustment and precise play-feeling/variety

Case: Attractive designs, piano lacquer of the highest quality, applied in the most modern spray equipment, selected veneers, high gloss or semi-gloss, fine inlay work in brass or chrome, perfectly worked out, they give our instruments a special appearance

Muffler-system: by piano-master-maker Peter Veletzky designed, easy for all piano technicians to understand and manipulate, reliable in operation.

Wooden back-post´s and ground-support: tenon-gluing, with CNC machine perfectly milled ground support, robust construction and high accuracy series, guarantee for generations reliable tuning stability and tonal characteristics

Soundboard: climate stable construction, excellent sound, perfect form stability

Bass Strings Production: optimized through cooperation with piano master-maker Peter Veletzky, we reach a full sonorous sound and high durability for many decades.

Only this traditional robust construction gives our instruments playfulness through generations and the typical Viennese sound.

In all our instruments, the effort in the foreground is, to build high quality instruments and to perfect the typical Viennese sound. A very balanced and warm, not too hard sound, with powerful bass and bell-like highs, is the hallmark of all Wendl & Lung models.

This characteristic makes them unique.