First generation Mr. Stefan Lung 1876 - 1954 piano master-maker

Mrs. Auguste Lung 1883 – 1969 Wife  

Ms. Stefanie Lung, Daughter

Company founded in 1910

My great-grandfather Stefan Lung started in the age of 14 years at the company Mikula learning as a case maker.
As a journeyman he moved to the famous Viennese company’s Franz Öser and Franz Wirth, where he completed his master's exam.

Between 1905 and 1910 the first frames and cabinets originated in an apartment, Liniengasse 39, Vienna 6th district.

After moving to the Aegidigasse 6, Vienna 6th district, production began. After the merger with Johann Wendl,
the Company Wendl & Lung has been logged.

The generation of the 1000th instrument was celebrated with a certificate of the workforce.
This was also the time were the company Wendl & Lung changed the Location for many years, 1926 -2005 Mariahilferstreet 101/1 Vienna 6th district.

The instruments produced after 1910, were sold by agencies in the domestic market and International in Hungary, Ital , Sicily, Palestine, Transjordan and Egypt.

Here are some descriptions of models:

Mod Xll Concert - Mignon Grand
Simply- and double- repetition action

Mod lll Baby grand - Vienna action

Model X the best-selling grand,
147cm long Vienna action or simply- repetition action

Several piano - Models from 110 - 136cm height