Second generation

Anton Veletzky accountants and surveyors Landscape 1905 - 1944

Stefanie Veletzky born Lung 1912 - 2009 piano maker-master

Sons Alexander and Anton

As the only child, daughter Stefanie learned the piano-maker business
and get at that time for a woman downright sensational, the piano master-maker - title.
She was after Nanette Streicher (19th century)
in the 20th century, the second woman piano maker champion of the world.

With the marriage of my grand-parents, Stefanie Lung and Anton Veletzky, the
name changed from Lung to Veletzky.
Unfortunately, I never got  known  my grandfather ;
he was a victim of the second-world war and did not come back from Russia.

In this difficult time, my grandmother worked in the production and pulled their sons Alexander and Anton large and was from 1954 after the death of her father Stefan Lung till to 1959 Managing Director of the company. During this period, my father, Alexander has served his apprenticeship and journeyman as well as his mother, in the family-company.

The production of Wendl & Lung instruments was maintained until 1956 and then decommissioned.

Third Generation

Alexander Veletzky piano master-maker 1933 - 2007

Margarete Veletzky born Steiner in 1938, Wife, Commercial Director

Daughter Susanne Veletzky born 1958

Son Peter Veletzky born 1960


Alexander Veletzky took over the company and began logged next to the workshop (repair and restoration)


as first in Austria after the second world war, in addition to the trade of imported pianos, with a wholesale of spare parts and tools.

Alexander Veletzky held 30 years in the State and Federal Guild of Musical Instruments - producers, the Office of the State - u. Federal Guild.
Next’s he worked as a court- appointed appraiser.
In recognition of his services, he among others, for example the professional title Commercial Council and the Golden Medal of Merit of the Province of Vienna.

Years of restoration and repair of historic instruments for museums or private, gave a today never more accessible knowledge and irreplaceable craftsmanship.
This for generations acquired craft and expertise, have my father and my grandmother passed to me as my training-masters .